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Back to Reality. . .For Now

30 Jan

Another morning of writing work completed.

I’m amazed that editing takes up quite a bit of time. Currently, I write on  most days, then do some editing once a week. The truth is I haven’t edited in over two weeks. I’ll catch up eventually–knowing more editing and rewrites await me.

Currently, I’m reading American Dervish and The Language of Secrets. I’m enjoying both books. For now, it’s time re-emerge into the real world. I intend to escape whenever I can steal a few minutes here and there to read or jot something down.


I’m Getting There!

30 Jan

I’ve spent most of this evening trying to get my new theme up and running. Not quite there, but it’s looking much better. Please check out my About Me page and Like Me page on Facebook.  I also want to make sure that I’ve read your About page and Like You  too since I love reading your blogs whenever I get the chance. And please, keep those blogs coming.

Blog Junkie

Snap. Click. Bliss.

30 Jan

I love Kirsten’s blog. I feel like she’s sitting across from me sharing her successes and challenges.

OMG! What Have I Done?

30 Jan

Finally, I have the opportunity to blog and talk about writing. Today, I decided to change my BLOG theme. I like it for now, but it seems I misplaced my links–or lost them.  Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. I have to retrieve my faves and put them back along with my widgets, LOL. I’ll need to make readjustments as well. I thought if I changed a theme, everything would follow and land nicely into place.

Dreams begin from the mind and realize through them through actions

As for my novel, I’m making slow and steady progress. I look forward to my early morning writing sessions when it’s still dark outside. I boot up the laptop (it’s old), grab a cup of coffee and delve into my alternate world. Today I focused on editing.

I could write, edit and read all day. Imagine getting paid for doing just that. This is a fun goal that I’m working towards. I’ve learned that big successes happen by small consistent efforts and realizing your dreams in small believable chunks. That works for me just fine.

Cheers to my fellow writer friends. 

24 Jan

Get your English Straight. Read on:

Zapateria: The World of Zapatero

A regular reader of this blog recently wrote with the following quandary:

Q: It drives me crazy when I hear someone say “It’s not dissimilar to…” or “It’s not unlike…”  THEN IT’S SIMILAR OR IT’S LIKE, YOU IDIOT! Please explain this language phenomenon to me.

A: What we’re dealing with here is a matter of degree. To say one thing is “like” another is like saying the two things have a lot in common. To say one thing is “not unlike” something else is not unlike saying that while the two things may be largely different, they still have a couple of common traits.

Q: Sounds to me like a mechanism for avoiding a commitment.

A: It’s not unlike that at all.

Q: I think I’ll go pull out my fingernails with pliers.  The pain is not unlike what I feel when I hear someone say these things.


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cubistx3 – Robbery gone right!

23 Jan

An unexpected story.This guy knows how to write.

Brian B Baker

cubistx3 – Robbery gone right!. A short story I wrote today. Had a lot on my mind lately. Writing is writing!

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Thank Goodness for Writers & Books

23 Jan

I accomplished a lot today. Made progress on my novel. I suspect this novel is going to turn into three novels. How exciting is that?  I’m thinking of blogging some pieces in here and there. This was the creative part of today. For the rest of today, I worked out, bought groceries and updated my resume. Working on the resume wasn’t too bad, but my eyes are red from spending several hours in front of the computer.

Last night I finished reading The Help-wonderful read. I’m always sad when I finish a book. Now I’m reading Dreams of Joy. Thank goodness for writers and books! What would I ever do with my time if I didn’t have anything to read or wasn’t able write down my thoughts and craft stories?

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