Everyone wants a piece of the action

4 Jan

Ah the joys of folks wanting to sell you something. Doesn’t that drive you crazy? It seemed like as soon as I started my blog,  people disguised as caring potential business partners popped out of nowhere.  I know our economy depends on consumers spending their money (including writers & bloggers); but we need to earn and save some before spending it all. I’ll probably get an email from a company telling me that I have to buy their anti-spam/anti-spyware programs in order to succeed as a writer/blogger.

Just curious. How do you control this? Or do you chalk it up as a necessary evil of writing?


One Response to “Everyone wants a piece of the action”

  1. Subhakar Das January 4, 2012 at 5:26 am #

    An omnipresent evil, I think. A spam filter should do your job. Good luck!

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