Times Up!

19 Jan
Ernest Hemingway in Paris in 1924

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During my early morning writing session my imagination effortlessly communicated through my fingertips onto the keyboard. Words splashed across the screen. More words whizzed through my mind. Then I looked at the clock. Time to stop. Now.

“Damn it!” I muttered. I needed to get ready for work.

I’ve heard that it’s better to stop your writing when you’re right in the middle of your thought processes. The more inconvenient the better. I heard that Hemingway stopped his writing  in mid-thought.

My last thought I converted into words were:  “I think it’s best if we broke this off now before we become too involved.” I watched her body crumple. I took a deep breath. “I don’t want to hurt anyone again. Especially you.”

Urgghhh! My protagonist Stevie wasn’t able to respond. Looking at the sentence now, it’s  probably an ideal place to end the chapter.

Time's up. Show up again tomorrow.


One Response to “Times Up!”

  1. Kirsten January 20, 2012 at 12:20 am #

    That sounds like a great place to end a scene!
    I’ve been late for work more times than I care to admit because I lose track of time when the words are flowing. Good to see that yours are flowing so well!

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