OMG! What Have I Done?

30 Jan

Finally, I have the opportunity to blog and talk about writing. Today, I decided to change my BLOG theme. I like it for now, but it seems I misplaced my links–or lost them.  Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. I have to retrieve my faves and put them back along with my widgets, LOL. I’ll need to make readjustments as well. I thought if I changed a theme, everything would follow and land nicely into place.

Dreams begin from the mind and realize through them through actions

As for my novel, I’m making slow and steady progress. I look forward to my early morning writing sessions when it’s still dark outside. I boot up the laptop (it’s old), grab a cup of coffee and delve into my alternate world. Today I focused on editing.

I could write, edit and read all day. Imagine getting paid for doing just that. This is a fun goal that I’m working towards. I’ve learned that big successes happen by small consistent efforts and realizing your dreams in small believable chunks. That works for me just fine.

Cheers to my fellow writer friends. 


One Response to “OMG! What Have I Done?”

  1. Kirsten January 31, 2012 at 12:46 am #

    I do like the new theme!
    I hear you about writing and editing all day. It’s always so sad to leave my story behind and head off to work.

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