Random Writing: Cake in Roppongi

5 Mar

 Pepper, Snicky and Amber exited the Roppongi subway station. Pepper spotted a coffee house and observed the clientele inside. She announced to Snicky and Amber, “Let’s get these dirty old men to buy us some cake.”

“Count me in. All I ate today was seaweed snacks,” said Snicky.

Amber looked down at herself seeing that her size 4 body bordered on a 6. “I’m dieting.” She grazed her abdomen with her hand. “I can’t.”

“Dip shit! We’re going to puke it out afterwards,” said Pepper.

Amber shook her head. “No thanks.”

“Fine. Freeze your ass outside.” Pepper linked her arm with Snicky’s and the two went inside. Amber caught the closing door.

Pepper saw Amber coming. “Okay Amber. You ask those two men back there if they’ll buy us dessert.”

“I can’t do that,” said Amber. “They’re going to think we’re prostitutes!”

“Who cares,” said Snicky. “We’ll never see them again.”

Pepper jumped in. “Are you chicken?”

“No,” Amber stammered.

“Yes you are.” Pepper shook her head. “You have no balls.”

“I’m leaving.” Amber opened her purse to get some taxi money but realized she had none.

Snicky said, “What’s wrong Amber?”

She quickly closed her purse and quickly said, “Nothing.”

Pepper put her face into Amber’s. “So. Are you going to ask them, or are you going home?”

“Fine. I’ll ask.”

Pepper pushed Amber toward the two businessmen seated at a table.

Amber said, “Konnichiwa. You speak English?”

The bald one wearing square glasses lit up. “Yes we do.”

The obese one donning a quarter size mole on his forehead smiled and said, “Yes. Yes.”

“Will you buy me and my friends dessert?” She pointed at Pepper and Snicky.

“Yes of course,” replied the obese one. He wiped his palms on his lap. He patted the pink and orange chair next to him. “Please ladies. Sit.”

Pepper shoved Amber next to him. Snicky sat next to baldy and Pepper grabbed a chair from another table and straddled her long legs around the table.

All three models ordered decadent slices of cake from the young waitress. Her uniform consisted of a plaid skirt and white oxford blouse–school girl style.

Snicky explained to the two men they were American models and the wanted to meet some nice Japanese men.

Pepper leaned into the table and grinned. She said,  “I was a live sushi platter at Edokko Gardens.”

Amber hid behind a menu.

Snicky huffed. She lost out to Amber for this job. It paid over 2000 US Dollars for the stint.

Baldy lit up. “Ah really?” He started jiggling his legs.

Sweat broke across the obese man’s forehead. He blotted it away with his napkin.

Baldy continued. “How did you like it?”

“It was fun.” Pepper guffawed. “They laid me on this marble platter—naked. And they started putting raw fish all over me . . .”

Snicky kicked Pepper in the shin.

“Ouch,” cried Pepper.

The men looked puzzled. “Did it hurt,” asked the obese one.

“No.” Pepper kicked Snicky back. “Only when some Sony executive pinched my nipple.”

The school girl waitress arrived with their order.

Snicky exaggerated a yawn. “Can we change the subject already?”

Amber peeked over the menu.

The young waitress returned with three generous slices of cake.

“Yeah sure,” said Pepper. She stabbed her cake with a fork.



One Response to “Random Writing: Cake in Roppongi”

  1. Kirsten March 5, 2012 at 4:30 pm #

    This drew me right in, and I love how I learned about the characters through dialogue! Did all these words come from the picture at the bottom?

    It was a fun read. 🙂 Thanks for posting this!

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