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To my fellow Writers & Bloggers

15 Apr

Dear Fellow Writers & Bloggers,

I wanted to let you know that I haven’t disappeared and am not overlooking your blog posts. They inspire me to keep on writing :).  I promise I will be more interactive as soon as I wrap up my barrage of events.

Looking forward to reading your motivating and creative blog posts.




Writing is Like Exercising

15 Apr

I’ve been extremely busy for the last two weeks and will be for the next month. Now more than ever,  I need to practice what I preach. In addition to working full time, being a wife and a mother, I’m a Toastmaster: where I am a District Leader and President of my home club, Toastmasters 4 Writers. 

I’ve missed a couple of novel-writing days last week. I made an honest effort not to beat myself up. Looking at my writing from a positive perspective, I’ve given several speeches in the last few weeks–I’ve been writing speeches just about everyday. Then I gently reminded myself that writing is like exercising.

If you stop exercising, your muscles will atrophy–degenerate. Something similar takes place in writing: When you start missing your sessions, your creativity becomes stifled. Your muses vanish.  That said, I need to pick up where I left off to continue my adventure in writing my novel, Intrigue. 


How do you keep on top of your writing when life happens?

Like Minded Multitasking Writers

4 Apr

Many writers write full time and make a decent if not incredible living. Most others write part time, hold jobs, have kids, participate in outside activities such as church, taking care of an elderly parent or have an online business.  Yet millions of writers dream of making it big–which is fine. But even more writers make little or no money; they write anyway. The common bond? We write because we love it. We enjoy working with our muses, the solitary time, the moments or hours of creating, editing and sweating. We write because it is our labor of love.

While I enjoy my labor of love and do make time to write–I sometimes feel like I’m being pulled in many directions. I tell myself, You will write no matter what. Just write!

I want to create with people who are in the same boat as me: busy writers who are writing their first novels and want to successfully complete this task.  I do not intend to write short stories right now–I can and have done this.  Completing the novel for me is like finishing a marathon–I will get to the finish line. But it would fun and inspiring to arrive at this destiny with other first time novelists.

I have a question for you.  How does a super busy person (like myself) go about finding a supportive like-minded writers group? So that she can keep on top of completing her novel–complete the process from writing, to editing, to publishing it.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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