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Putting Pen to Paper

27 May

Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

Putting the pen to paper, AKA free form writing

I’ve been itching to do this for so long.  I can longhand write anytime, anywhere. Yet I still feel the need to type out the words for them to count as writing. I remind myself  longhand writing does count. In fact it feels more creative. Raw. Uncensored. It’s amazing what junkyard thoughts and brilliant nuggets of words show up on the page.

Putting the pen to paper is like meditating. Words flow out. My creative genius presents itself and the writing emerges. Is free form, writing a waste of time? I don’t think so. In fact, I’ve decided to include it with my daily writings. It limbers my brain–like a warm up before the event.

I dug out my morning pages. I took Julia Cameron’s  The Artist’s Way journey almost three years ago.


I wrote my morning pages religiously for over six months. The scrawled writings surprised me. I read angry paragraphs, pity parties, and jealous stories (which I didn’t realize at the time of writing).  I also read inspiring words, heartfelt memoirs, and rib tickling anecdotes.

Here’s to Putting Pen to Paper!

How do you connect with your creative genius?


Quick Drive By

19 May

Making a quick drive by. Coffee’s brewing. Time to get ready for our District 52 Spring Conference today. I’m to be the Evaluations Speech Contest Toastmasters, plus, I need to meet everyone at 6:00 a.m. to help set up.

I’m looking forward to my regular writing schedule again. Keep sending those blogs : )!




I’m Back, Changes & Gratitude

12 May

I’m Back!

I’m almost finished with the craziness. My fingertips are itching to type non-stop. I miss blogging and reading everyone’s blogs. I miss writing about the main characters in my novel, Stevie and Adam and their surrounding events. 

Outside of Writing Realm: I’ve almost completed earning my Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Designation.  I’ll be the Evaluations Toastmaster on May 19th at the District 52 Spring Conference in Glendale, CA; I’m wrapping up my final responsibilities as Club President at Toastmasters 4 Writers in Burbank CA,  and Division E Governor in Downtown LA, District 52.

Life is about change–expected and not expected. I am truly grateful for all the changes taking place in my life.  I agree with my fellow Toastmaster colleague, Ricky Powell–the Happiness Guy–about being grateful. Gratitude opens many doors; it takes the weight of stress off your shoulders and opens your heart. Ricky writes down three things he’s grateful for everyday. It’s a wonderful exercise. I also use the “Magic Rock” exercise as my anchor. I hold it in my hand and think about something that I’m really grateful for the day–every day. Tonight, I held the rock and gave thanks for ending of my Toastmasters responsibilities and my job. Then I gave thanks for the  new opportunities that await me.

My last day of work is on June 29th. I am no longer sad that my job is coming to an end. I’m focusing on getting a new job–a career–something that is challenging and fun. I’m also finishing up the first draft of my novel.  Rewrites are on the horizon.

I’m joining a writers group; or possibly a salon. I’ll keep writing, blogging and job hunting and enjoy the wonders of life.

What are you grateful for? What changes await you?

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