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The golden handcuffs plunked onto the cheap carpet

17 Jun

Removing the Golden Handcuffs

The golden handcuffs plunked onto the cheap carpet at work (or should I say at my former place of employment).

I just finished signing off my separation papers. Fifty pounds of stress melted off my shoulders. I could breathe! I wondered how my former colleagues were faring as we prepared to make our mass exodus.

Almost all of us were let go.  Some colleagues possessed sickened expressions.  They appeared to be jaded. Bitter.  However, most of us walked away sad–and probably relieved that it’s over. I was sad to see my job end, but my new found freedom brought me joy.  Now that I’m not bound to this job–no longer trapped because of  salary and fringe benefits, I can take my life in any direction I want.

Yes I need to get a new job. But this time I’m turning my new vocation into a vacation. When I do that, I’ll have more energy and look forward to each new day. My immediate goals are to find work, create a  new household budget  and keep writing.

For the last three weeks, I’ve been eating cleaner–it’s less expensive and healthier, exercising more at home–I have over 100 workout DVDs and spending quality time with my husband and daughter–priceless. Because of this shift, my writing seems to flow more easily as well.

Each morning presents itself a new day of adventures and opportunities. I am grateful for my health and my family. I value my talents and skills and know that I will find meaningful work that will benefit me, my family and my community.

Here’s to a new chapter in my life.




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