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The Birth, Growing Pains & Fruition of INTRIGUE: A Novel Blog

22 Jul
Blog Machine

Blog Machine (Photo credit: digitalrob70)

 After doing some research, I’ve decided that I will blog my novel after all. I plan on taking what I’ve previously blogged and break it down into smaller chunks and go forward from there.

WARNING: This is raw material–it’s supposed to be that way.

As I get ideas and worthwhile feedback from you and my muses’ (I have three), I will incorporate these and other surprises into my physical book. If you’re thinking about blogging your book, check out Nina Amir’s Book  How To Blog a Book at:


Overcoming Being too Busy to Write

18 Jul

Many writers are in the midst of a life crisis, such as unemployment (one would think that unemployed folks have all the time in the world–they don’t), family illness, divorce or moving to a new home.

Other writers are not in the midst of a life challenging drama, but  work full time during the day and come home, tired, exhausted or burned out–plus they have a spouse and/or children to contend with. I found a refreshing excerpt from http://www.writers Writing At Night: The Top 10 Challenges Writers Experience & How to Overcome Them from author Aine Greaney.

What are your tips for staying on track?

Writer with a Day Job

Toss in Some Backyard Tidbits in Your Writing

6 Jul

Verdugo Mountains

I marvel at the infinite topics, scenes and descriptions that surround me. I need to remind myself that even though I grew up in Burbank CA and now live in Glendale, CA, my boring upbringing holds a plethora of ideas I can blend into my writing.

Some backyard tidbits can include speculation about Kim Kardashian being the next Glendale Mayor; or explore the rumor about Paris Hilton wanting to join  Toastmasters.

I can also interject other tidbits of my world of smog, traffic and crowded stores. My neck of the woods provides  people coming from all backgrounds. The buzz of the entertainment industry lies just a couple of miles from home. I can even include the simplicity and beauty of the Verdugo  Mountains that stretch out behind my backyard.

Working with these thoughts and things, I can create a scene, a short story or sprinkle in my novel. What backyard tidbits can you toss into your writing?

Kim Kardashian at the Bob Hope Burbank Airport


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