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Rewriting is Painful

29 Sep

Rewriting is painful. I feel like I’m in rehab, retraining stubborn writing patterns and developing muscle tone and flexibility.

How are you coming along with your writing?

It hurts right now, but I know the end result will be worth the painful effort. In the short time I’ve been working with my writing coach and group, I see a long road ahead of me.

I wonder, how people write and publish novels every year. Then again, I’m new at this and I work minutes as day as opposed to hours a day. I tip my hat off to some of my favorite writers & bloggers who are making excellent progress like:
Roz Morris, Cristina Stanley and Kirsten (A Scenic Route).


Trying to Locate My Favorite Bloggers

31 Aug

Call me crazy, but I can’t locate most of the bloggers I’ve been following. I’ve been doing some serious catching up on my blog reading (now that my life has calmed down considerably) and several bloggers seem to have disappeared…Unfortunately, I don’t remember everyone’s blogger handle :(. I promise that I’m not ignoring you.

Worst case scenario, If I can’t locate all my favorite bloggers, I guess I’ll have to start all over. Please bear with me.

Little Free Library…

31 Aug

Check out this blog. Imagine if you could find a free library in your neighborhood.

When all is said and done

Little Free Library Lawerence Kansas. white with red interior

I first saw these on Facebook in the form of utilizing unused phone booths in England. Not long after that, probably because they had now been brought to my attention, I came across another photo of a Little Library in Lawerence, Kansas. –>

This little gem of an idea will not let me go.

I love the whole concept of it… not to mention the cuteness factor. How could anyone not want to read a book from a little house? Okay, my grandkiddos who refused to read this summer ~Weasy, a straight A student, has read 10% of a book in the last three months.~ may be able to resist. However, I know I could never pass by one without a peek inside.

Now I find out there is a Little Free Library Organization complete with website. Click on the link for a trip over there and you will find the mission statement ~ they have goals…

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The golden handcuffs plunked onto the cheap carpet

17 Jun

Removing the Golden Handcuffs

The golden handcuffs plunked onto the cheap carpet at work (or should I say at my former place of employment).

I just finished signing off my separation papers. Fifty pounds of stress melted off my shoulders. I could breathe! I wondered how my former colleagues were faring as we prepared to make our mass exodus.

Almost all of us were let go.  Some colleagues possessed sickened expressions.  They appeared to be jaded. Bitter.  However, most of us walked away sad–and probably relieved that it’s over. I was sad to see my job end, but my new found freedom brought me joy.  Now that I’m not bound to this job–no longer trapped because of  salary and fringe benefits, I can take my life in any direction I want.

Yes I need to get a new job. But this time I’m turning my new vocation into a vacation. When I do that, I’ll have more energy and look forward to each new day. My immediate goals are to find work, create a  new household budget  and keep writing.

For the last three weeks, I’ve been eating cleaner–it’s less expensive and healthier, exercising more at home–I have over 100 workout DVDs and spending quality time with my husband and daughter–priceless. Because of this shift, my writing seems to flow more easily as well.

Each morning presents itself a new day of adventures and opportunities. I am grateful for my health and my family. I value my talents and skills and know that I will find meaningful work that will benefit me, my family and my community.

Here’s to a new chapter in my life.




Quick Drive By

19 May

Making a quick drive by. Coffee’s brewing. Time to get ready for our District 52 Spring Conference today. I’m to be the Evaluations Speech Contest Toastmasters, plus, I need to meet everyone at 6:00 a.m. to help set up.

I’m looking forward to my regular writing schedule again. Keep sending those blogs : )!




I’m Back, Changes & Gratitude

12 May

I’m Back!

I’m almost finished with the craziness. My fingertips are itching to type non-stop. I miss blogging and reading everyone’s blogs. I miss writing about the main characters in my novel, Stevie and Adam and their surrounding events. 

Outside of Writing Realm: I’ve almost completed earning my Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Designation.  I’ll be the Evaluations Toastmaster on May 19th at the District 52 Spring Conference in Glendale, CA; I’m wrapping up my final responsibilities as Club President at Toastmasters 4 Writers in Burbank CA,  and Division E Governor in Downtown LA, District 52.

Life is about change–expected and not expected. I am truly grateful for all the changes taking place in my life.  I agree with my fellow Toastmaster colleague, Ricky Powell–the Happiness Guy–about being grateful. Gratitude opens many doors; it takes the weight of stress off your shoulders and opens your heart. Ricky writes down three things he’s grateful for everyday. It’s a wonderful exercise. I also use the “Magic Rock” exercise as my anchor. I hold it in my hand and think about something that I’m really grateful for the day–every day. Tonight, I held the rock and gave thanks for ending of my Toastmasters responsibilities and my job. Then I gave thanks for the  new opportunities that await me.

My last day of work is on June 29th. I am no longer sad that my job is coming to an end. I’m focusing on getting a new job–a career–something that is challenging and fun. I’m also finishing up the first draft of my novel.  Rewrites are on the horizon.

I’m joining a writers group; or possibly a salon. I’ll keep writing, blogging and job hunting and enjoy the wonders of life.

What are you grateful for? What changes await you?

Updated: Lucky 7 Memes–Be Sure to Check ‘Em Out

28 Mar

The other day, I chose and put links for my Lucky 7 Memes. I apologize for not being very computer literate. Below are their websites. Check ’em out.

Five Reflections, where you can read well crafted and descriptive haikus and short stories. See

On Being a Teenage Writer. Mac is a genius. I love reading his blog and getting his perspective on things from a teen’s perspective. See Jennifer knows her stuff. I appreciate her tips and honesty. See

I like  reading a quick 30 Minute Fiction:  I appreciate Nick Roylnd’s blog. Here you can add your fictional works and interact with other writers. See

Brian’s blog called  “An Inked Life” shares original and unique short stories and his experiences as a writer, a father and husband. Sorry, I believe Brian’s starting up a new website–Brian please advise your new website.

If you are ready to Nail Your Novel,  then be sure to read British extraordnaire Roz Morris’ blog.  She’s a novelist and ghostwriter–and provides lots of useful writing advice. See

Be sure to check out Abominations. Novelist Marc Schuster’s writings resonate with me. I can’t wait to read The Grievers–coming out May 2012. See

All of you rock and inspire me to keep on writing. Thanks again Kirsten from A Scenic Route and Write A Book With Me. Go to: and

Hopefully these will work. Happy Blogging.

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