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Going Forward With Intrigue

23 Sep

I’ve been MIA–but for a good reason.  I joined a Writers Group led by Gloria Kempton.We post our chapters/scenes, then critique each others’ work in sub-groups. Next, Gloria critiques our submissions using her writing expertise and knowledge. She “tells it like it is.” That is, Gloria tells you what you did well and provides suggestions in the areas you need to strengthen or fix.

Because of the positive and honest feedback I’ve been receiving, I’m currently performing major editing (actually rewriting) surgery. I plan on submitting more bites  in the near future. But for now I will focus more on going forward with the novel known as Intrigue.

Intrigue: From LA to Casablanca




Daily Challenges (Excuses)

8 Sep

My noisy husband and daughter converse and scuffle about in the same room as I’m writing this post.

Writing can be challenging. Not because  I don’t have the time or can’t find the words. Rather, it’s due to the daily life situations we all deal with.

Right now I’m working with my stressed out daughter in helping her get ready for college, juggling family needs and looking for a new job. Now I need to clean my home before my brothers visit us today. We only have two hours to neaten up our place.

My daughter says, “Mom, get off the computer. We have to clean the house.”

“Okay. As soon as I finish my post.”

You see, I can’t use  these challenges as an excuse not to write. If I do, I will never get any writing done.

I look at it this way: challenges are good  for my nerves and self-discipline.

Family serves as rich component in writing.

Here’s to reality writing :).

Please Welcome My New Persona, Jane Smart

27 Aug
Photo of keyboard and pen

Photo of keyboard and pen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been wrestling with coming up with a pen name for a while.  I decided that if I create a new persona and give myself a pen name, it would free up my writing.

Now I won’t have to worry about offending anyone should they recognize themselves in any upcoming works–they won’t be able to make the connection.  I still need to work out the logistics, but I figured why not? I’m certainly not the first nor the last to do this.  On that note, please welcome up and coming novelist, Jane Smart.

Jane Smart: I’m taking over this blog effective immediately, August 27, 2012. My other personality, Janet will be working behind the scenes while I hammer out this novel and get it published. At last I can speak my mind! I can let loose my creativity. I can play and manipulate words, scenes and stories.

                     Here’s to MY novel, Intrigue.




23 Aug

Eating and writing. Writing and eating.

I thought I’d change things up and do my writing while I’m lunching rather than munching on a bowl of cereal (which I normally do during my morning writings). Busy writers do whatever they can to get their words down.

Weight management experts do not recommend this type of activity. However, If you feel you need to lose weight, you can try out Julian Cameron’s Writing Diet. It’s similar to the Artist’s Way, but you explore and enjoy food (and can lose weight) if you participate in Cameron’s Writing Diet. I did this a few years back and enjoyed the process.


I tend to get lost in my food while I’m reading. You can find salad dressing splashed across the pages. I know it’s gross but I get captivated when I read. However, while I’m writing,  I only take a bite to get a morsel of energy then type or write away–even if my cereal does get soggy. I focus on the writing so the meal takes a long time to finish and my stomach is satisfied. That’s a win-win for me.

Do you Eat & Write? If so, what is your eating & writing style?

Excuses, Crises & Writing

18 Aug

I’ve neglected my writing for over a month now. I tossed it aside and allowed life to rule me. My muses have been gnawing on my brain and fingers. Their intensity increases daily. Well, truthfully my kitty-cat muse, Sebastian is guilting me by rubbing his head over my feet and purring loudly when I pick him up. It’s as if he’s telling me, “Prrrrrrwrite.” My other muse Michael is saying, “Can’t you hear me? What are you waiting for? Don’t abandon what you love so dearly.” While Gabriel is patiently telling me, “Dearest one, you are going through difficult times, but you can write. In fact, you need to write. It will clear your mind and heal your soul.”

Well here I am. I’m writing. I’ve been making excuses, being so busy with life challenges.  I remind myself of the name of my blog: Never2Late2Write. My Message has been all I need to do is WRITE 10 words a day. Ten words a day? Anyone can do that.

This morning, I made a conscious effort to set aside my family and personal crises (I have several things going on) for just a few minutes this morning–to write.

Woman in CRISIS mode

It feels good. I remind myself that writing with a  laptop or in longhand both COUNT. I’m feeling. I’m expressing. And I’m writing.

How do you stay on top of your writing when you’re in crisis mode?


The Birth, Growing Pains & Fruition of INTRIGUE: A Novel Blog

22 Jul
Blog Machine

Blog Machine (Photo credit: digitalrob70)

 After doing some research, I’ve decided that I will blog my novel after all. I plan on taking what I’ve previously blogged and break it down into smaller chunks and go forward from there.

WARNING: This is raw material–it’s supposed to be that way.

As I get ideas and worthwhile feedback from you and my muses’ (I have three), I will incorporate these and other surprises into my physical book. If you’re thinking about blogging your book, check out Nina Amir’s Book  How To Blog a Book at:

Overcoming Being too Busy to Write

18 Jul

Many writers are in the midst of a life crisis, such as unemployment (one would think that unemployed folks have all the time in the world–they don’t), family illness, divorce or moving to a new home.

Other writers are not in the midst of a life challenging drama, but  work full time during the day and come home, tired, exhausted or burned out–plus they have a spouse and/or children to contend with. I found a refreshing excerpt from http://www.writers Writing At Night: The Top 10 Challenges Writers Experience & How to Overcome Them from author Aine Greaney.

What are your tips for staying on track?

Writer with a Day Job

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